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Wooden Boats and Wooden Boat Plans

Before we get into wooden boats and wooden boat plans we should first establish just what a boat is.

Water transport is the movement of people or goods using a vessel over water. The most commonly used vessel for water transport is the boat. A boat is a modest sized vessel that can float or plane on water. There are different types of boats: human powered boats sail boats and motor boats. Movement in human powered boats is facilitated by human activities such as rowing and paddling. Sailboats are propelled by wind power while motor boats are propelled by mechanical means such as engines. Boats can be made of different materials such as wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Until the mid 19th century the wooden boat was very common. The popularity of the wooden boat declined due to forest degradation and the emergence of steel boats which were found to be stronger.

Yellow Kayak Timber Boat PlansThere are many advantages of the wooden boat. Wood combines strength and resilience in a light weight and is relatively easy to work on. Wooden boats are more attractive and they feel more solid making them easier to control thus safer. They are easier to modify as opposed to fiberglass or steel boats. If well maintained a wooden boat can last longer than boats made of other materials. A wooden boat is also more environmental friendly since wood is bio-degradable and no pollutants are released during its production unlike in fiberglass. Wood is a renewable resource unlike steel and aluminum. The wooden boat is also more comfortable because of wood’s ability to absorb vibrations.

There are different kinds of boats such as dory boats. These are small shallow boats about 5 to 7 meters long. They are characterized by high sides, flat bottoms and sharp bows. The boat is lightweight and the back part of the boat is fairly narrow. These boats were traditionally used as fishing boats. Viking boats are another common kind of boats. The original models were made by people known as Vikings who lived in Europe and were major contributors of ship building in their time, thus the name. They have hulls made of overlapping planks of wood held together with iron rivets. They are pointed at each end and wide in the middle making them ideal for sailing in shallow waters. They had square sails and paddles were used when there was no wind. These boats were double ended, which allowed them to reverse without turning around.

Boat plans are an easy and cheap way of acquiring boats. This is where a person buys boat blueprints, instructions and the materials necessary to build a boat and they do the assembling. These boat plans are available for different types of boat such as sail boat plans and different types of materials such as wooden boat plans. Some plans are not accompanied by materials for making the boat and the builder has to buy the materials separately. Most people prefer the wooden boat programs because wood is easily available and easy to work with as compared to other materials like aluminum and fiberglass.

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