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Wooden Boats | Timber Boat Plans

Timber Boat Plans. There are many advantages of the wooden boat. Wood combines strength and resilience in a light weight and is relatively easy to work on. Wooden boats are more attractive and they feel more solid making them easier to control thus safer. They are easier to modify as opposed to fiberglass or steel boats.


Types of Wooden Boats Achieved

Variations of what you can achieve with the Wooden Boat Plans offered in the special Plans4Boats Wooden Boats Boat building Book. Many differing wooden boat plans available. Step by step instructions on how to build a wooden boat.


Review of Daniel Holdens Boat Building Package

Over 250 Original Boat Building Plans, Wooden Boat Plans, How to Build Wooden Boats, Dinghies, Sail Boats, Runabouts and More. Daniel Holden is an expert boat builder and has written this terrific boat building book that has all the wooden boat plans you could ever need!